The Royal Hotel Movie Collection: Review, Cast, Release Date, Hit or Flop

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Discover the dark depths of “The Royal Hotel,” a gripping narrative film with a Gen Z twist. Explore The Royal Hotel movie collection, cast, movie review, and everything to know.

The Royal Hotel Movie Collection

The Day-by-day Royal Hotel movie collection: Kitty Green is the director of the thriller/mystery movie The Royal Hotel, an English-language Hollywood production set in Australia. The estimated $335,000 global box office total.

The Royal Hotel movie’s production budget was $50 million in total. Soon, domestic and foreign mojo numbers will be made available. We’ll go over the movie’s specifics and The Royal Hotel’s daily box office performance in this piece.

DayBox Office Collection ($)
The Royal Hotel Movie Collection
  • Total Production Budget: $50 million
  • IMDb Rating of the Movie: 6.7/10
  • The Royal Hotel Release date: October 6, 2023

Movie Review: The Royal Hotel

Kitty Green, the writer/director, and Oscar Redding, the co-writer, collaborated on the film “The Royal Hotel,” a terrible tale that transports you to the heart of the Australian Outback. Green and Redding construct a disturbing investigation of the poisonous culture fuelled by alcohol, where violence lurks around every corner, with thematic parallels of the classic film “Wake in Fright” from 1971. This movie serves as proof of their commitment to exposing the subtle yet widespread terrors of violent masculinity that women frequently experience.

The Royal Hotel Movie Collection

The Royal Hotel Movie Details

MovieThe Royal Hotel
DirectorKitty Green
WritersKitty Green, Oscar Redding
Release DateOctober 6, 2023 (United States)
Production CompaniesSee-Saw Films, Fulcrum Media Finance, Scarlett Pictures
“The Royal Hotel” Movie Details

Release: Unveiling a Dark Gem

The release of “The Royal Hotel” is widely anticipated worldwide. The 2016 documentary “Hotel Coolgardie,” which showed the brutal reality of sexism encountered by Finnish backpackers in a remote Australian pub, served as inspiration for this movie’s contemporary take on the beloved “Wake in Fright.” The story takes you on a trip into the tumultuous lives of young ladies who reside in a run-down and abandoned tavern in the Australian Outback. The Royal Hotel Release date is on 6th October.

Trailer: A Glimpse into Darkness

The “The Royal Hotel” video teases with a preview of the unsettling world to come. a location where joy and celebration give way to something worse. A must-see for anyone seeking spine-tingling tension, the movie expertly depicts the spiral into chaos and bloodshed.

Where to Watch Online: A Thrilling Encounter

You must enter the realm of movies in order to comprehend the eerie story of “The Royal Hotel.” On October 6th, the movie is scheduled to premiere in theatres, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience.

The Royal Hotel Cast and Crew

Cast (in credits order)Character
Julia GarnerHanna
Jessica HenwickLiv
Herbert NordrumTorsten
Dylan RiverBartender
Keylan Devine-IngersonFrench Man
Bree BainOffice Woman
Ursula YovichCarol
Alex MaloneJules
Iain CanningProducer
Kath ShelperProducer
Emile ShermanProducer
Liz WattsProducer
Music byJed Palmer
Cinematography byMichael Latham
Editing byKasra Rassoulzadegan
The Royal Hotel Cast and Crew

The Royal Hotel Movie Collection

This compelling story is given life by “The Royal Hotel”‘s superb ensemble. Hanna, a young lady navigating the dangerous seas of the Outback, is played by Julia Garner, who gives a stunning performance. Hugo Weaving excels as Billy, the mysterious proprietor of the bar who vacillates between charm and dread. As Carol, a lady who is at peace with her turbulent existence, Ursula Yovich captivates the audience. The remaining members of the The Royal Hotel cast, Toby Wallace, James Frecheville, and Daniel Henshall, each give their roles more nuance and complexity.



Reviews of Fans: Captivating and Chilling

Early assessments indicate that “The Royal Hotel” doesn’t let down viewers as they excitedly await the movie’s debut. Many people have praised Kitty Green for her brilliant use of slow-burn tension and her ability to create a convincing social economy for the universe of the movie. Subtle movements and knowing eyes give the characters life, providing psychological depth.

How Fans Are Excited: Anticipation Builds

It’s obvious how excited the fans are. Viewers are anxiously interested in the release of the movie due to the spooky Outback setting and the frightening shift of levity into cruelty. The Royal Hotel cast‘s performances, especially those of Julia Garner and Hugo Weaving, have garnered hype as viewers look up to a spooky movie experience.

Bottom Line

Prepare to be sucked into a world where conflict, bloodshed, and psychological anguish lurk beneath the surface when The Royal Hotel Release in theatres on October 6th. Kitty Green, who has made a name for herself as a strong chronicler of the challenges women confront in a world dominated by testosterone, is set to star in a movie that promises to be an intense study of the seedy side of Outback culture.

Where was The Royal Hotel movie was shot ?

Yatina and other South Australian locations served as the site of the film’s primary shooting.

What is the principle for the Royal Hotel movie?

While the 2016 documentary “Hotel Coolgardie,” which examined the volatile sexism that faced twenty-something Finnish packbackers who came to work in a remote pub near a mining town in the Australian Outback, served as Green and Redding’s initial inspiration, the movie also heavily borrows from Ted Kotcheff’s 1971 cult classic.

What is the Royal Hotel movie collection?

The total production budget of the Royal Hotel movie is $50 Million

What is The Royal Hotel release date?

6th October

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