The Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time

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Midfielders are a team’s beating heart in the sport of football. They establish opportunities, manage the tempo, and make sure the game moves forward without any hiccups. Numerous masters of the midfield have graced the game over the years, but only a select few have achieved the honour of ranking among the top 10 midfielders of all time. We shall examine the lives and careers of these legendary players, each of whom made an immeasurable contribution to the game, in this post.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #10 Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard, a key member of England’s golden age, is our first entrant into the hall of fame of midfield greats. Inextricably intertwined are Lampard’s legacy and Chelsea’s rise to prominence in Europe. His ability to penetrate the box late and his box-to-box prowess earned him goals that usually proved to be game-winners. No other midfielder has ever come close to Lampard’s remarkable record of more than 150 Premier League goals scored. Throughout his illustrious career, Lampard won 13 titles with Chelsea, including the famous UEFA Champions League.

In the 2005 Ballon d’Or final, he fell short against the famous Ronaldinho despite competing valiantly. With his proficiency in taking penalties and corner kicks, Lampard won over Chelsea supporters. His contributions and inspirational performances solidified his position in the club’s history.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #9 Johan Neeskens

Despite usually being overshadowed by the fame of his countryman Johan Cruyff, Johan Neeskens was a star in football in his own right. The Dutch midfielder was a crucial part of both Ajax and the Netherlands national team during the thrilling 1970s era of football.

Neeskens was renowned for his unwavering commitment to his profession, relentless pressure on opponents and exceptional passing skills. His excellent ball handling allowed his more creative colleagues to emerge. Neeskens played a significant role in Ajax’s three straight European Cup triumphs. He then had success with Barcelona before concluding an outstanding career in America.

Neeskens was a real team player who improved the performance of others around him, earning a position on our list of the greatest midfielders ever.

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Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #8 Luka Modric

The 2018 Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric is placed ninth on our list. He is an illustration of the modern, all-around midfielders that thrive in both the offensive and defensive aspects of the game. Modric has been one of the best players in the world for more than ten years.

His ability to play defence with equal grace and to produce passes that split defences open exemplifies his flexibility. Modric played a significant role in Real Madrid’s remarkable run of three straight UEFA Champions League victories. He put an end to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo’s hegemony over individual awards by winning the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year in 2018.

Real Madrid still relies heavily on Modric, who is 35 years old, and he will be remembered as one of the club’s best signings.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #7 Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is without a doubt the greatest Liverpool midfielder of all time and is debatably the best player to never win the Premier League. The Liverpool legend’s inspiring performances and leadership qualities are well-known, and his propensity for big-game performances helped him establish himself as one of the finest English footballers of this age.

Gerrard, who is able to play wherever in the middle of the pitch, nearly single-handedly carried Liverpool to their stunning UEFA Champions League victory in 2005. Gerrard was practically unplayable from 2004 to 2010, and he used some outstanding individual efforts to elevate an ordinary Liverpool squad to new heights.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #6 Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes, a former player for Manchester United, is ranked sixth on this list. The “Ginger Genius,” one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s most dependable players, was instrumental in transforming Manchester United into the current European Super Club.

Paul Scholes was one of the most talented midfielders to ever compete in the Premier League, and his passing range was astounding. The England midfielder was well-liked by both his colleagues and rivals, and he helped Manchester United win every trophy imaginable.

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Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #5 Andrea Pirlo

With his exceptional vision and passing skills, Juventus manager Andrea Pirlo reinvented the role of a deep-lying playmaker. His distinguished career includes honours including a World Cup victory, victories in the UEFA Champions League, multiple Serie A championships, and domestic championships. Pirlo is one of Italy’s all-time great players because of his composed on-the-field demeanour and his ability to pick out passes precisely.

His proficiency in dead-ball situations resulted in significant goals for both club and nation. Pirlo was dubbed a genius who could make his feet do whatever he wanted by football legend Johan Cruyff. Such adulation highlights Pirlo’s unmistakable influence on the game.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #4 Didi

The greatest centre midfielder in Brazil’s history is Waldyr Pereira, also known as Didi. Didi was the unsung hero of Brazil’s World Cup triumphs in 1958 and 1962, orchestrating the brilliance of Pele and Garrincha for the Brazilian national team. He was an unstoppable force throughout his era because to his best performances, which frequently graced the largest platforms.

Didi became known as one of the best Brazilian footballers of all time thanks to his influence that went beyond the country’s borders. His reputation as a midfielder is unblemished, and his contribution to the lovely game is still appreciated today.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #3 Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos often ranks among the top midfielders in the world. The German football player is undoubtedly among the best in his position.

He is a player with a lot of experience who contributes to the game. He has accomplished more things since joining Real Madrid.

He hasn’t featured as much this season because Carlo Ancelotti would rather concentrate on the club’s future under Fede Valverde. However, this isn’t Kroos’ final game at Santiago Bernabéu.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #2 Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is a dynamic midfielder who stands out from the crowd for his exceptional playmaking skills. The German footballer has established himself as a key member of Bayern Munich’s starting lineup.

He is regarded as one of the top No. 6. a capable ball-driver who can hold the fort in midfield. Kimmich has scored a few goals for Bayern Munich this season, and he often does a good job of converting defence to attack.

Top 10 Best Midfielders of All Time #1  Rodri

Along with Kevin De Bruyne, who continues to hold the top spot on the Premier League best midfielder list, Rodrigo serves as one of the midfield’s pivots for Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola uses the Spaniard mostly as a defensive midfielder, and he is successful in that role. One of the players with exceptional technical ability and high levels of game skill is the holding midfielder.

The fact that Rodri is the only member of Man City to have played the most minutes in the Premier League demonstrates his dependability. He has five assists to go along with his two goals.

Overall, Rodrigo gives Manchester City’s midfield consistency, and he has been instrumental in Pep Guardiola’s success since joining the team in 2019.

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