Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World – A Definitive Ranking

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It used to be considered low praise to call someone one of the finest left-backs—the poorest player on the squad used to be placed at left-back. Left-back was the position for everyone on the squad without a defined function. If you didn’t have a left foot, no problem. 

Well, times are different now. No longer are fullbacks the unsung heroes. In fact, several of the players on this list are crucial to the organisational structures of both their club and nation. Not only defenders, but also important attackers, creators, goalies, set-piece takers, and multitaskers. 

The top 10 best left-backs in the world are listed below.

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #1 Oleksandr Zinchenko (Arsenal)

Zinchenko has been successful at left-back this season despite the fact that Mikel Arteta originally brought him to Arsenal with the intention of playing him in midfield. The Ukrainian is able to control play with his amazing passing while also giving Arsenal a strong foundation from which to defend. He does this by picking up the ball deep and moving into key areas. 

His statistics are also misleading. However, Zinchenko breaks lines with his passing, frequently weighting balls perfectly for Martin Odegaard between the opposition’s midfield and defence, or lifting it delicately through to Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka. His one goal and two assists suggest he hasn’t been as important for Arsenal as first suggested. One might make a convincing case that Arsenal wouldn’t be where they are now without Zinchenko.

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #2 Luke Shaw (Manchester United)

Since Erik ten Hag joined Manchester United, Luke Shaw’s performances have significantly improved. The England left-back is one of the team’s most crucial players because he propels them forward on the left side. A summer off in 2022 did Shaw the world of good as he returned reinvigorated and refreshed, winning back his position from Tyrell Malacia for his club and guaranteeing he is the undisputed left-back for his country at the World Cup 2022. 

Marcus Rashford is able to drive inside with his overlapping runs and stay farther up the pitch while he holds down the fort while defending thanks to his often subtle effort off the ball. 

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Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #3 Theo Hernandez (AC Milan)

One of the most important attacking players for the Italian powerhouses is Hernandez, who was the finest left-back in Serie A last season and helped AC Milan score 11 goals in the league (five goals, six assists). Hernandez, who is perhaps the finest dribbler on this list, is a delight to watch while in control as he challenges opponents and aids in overpowering their defence.

He performed admirably when filling in for his injured brother Lucas during France’s opening World Cup match. Theo scored the game’s first goal against Morocco in the semifinal, showcasing his talent in front of goal. 

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #4 Andy Robertson (Liverpool)

Robertson, a Scottish full-back, has consistently displayed his enthusiasm despite Liverpool’s struggles this season. Jose Mourinho once claimed that he became exhausted “just by looking at Robertson.” It is unquestionably true that the former Hull City player always gives his all.

The delivery of the players on this list is most likely best by the Scotland captain. Even at full sprint pace, his crossing is almost always precise, which makes him an important component of Liverpool’s offence. He is vocally organised at the back, fast, tenacious, and a solid passer. This season’s total of six assists in the Premier League is a remarkable performance. 

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #5 Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich)

This season, Davies has put his injury issues behind him to produce regularly for Bayern, securing his position in the lineup at left-back/left wing-back as he has so far handed the squad under Julian Nagelsmann eight assists across all competitions.

Alphonso Davies, known as “Roadrunner” by his club, broke the Bundesliga sprint speed record in June 2020 by achieving an incredible 36.51 km/h (22.6 mph). There is more to the Canadian’s game than just speed, despite the fact that he may be the fastest football player in the world.

Davies, a natural winger who yet plays in a more offensive position for his nation, is a significant danger moving forward. Defenders frequently become overpowered by his world-class mobility and dribbling when he moves to join Leroy Sane on Bayern’s left wing. The German is then free to walk inside and generate chaos in the box as a result of this. Davies is a capable defender as well; he seldom falls to one of his opponents. Davies has the pace to recover and get the ball back if he is ever defeated, which is quite unlikely.

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #6 Nathan Ake (Manchester City)

Are you sure Ake is a left-back? Okay, no. With Pep Guardiola’s 3-2-2-3 system in possession, it’s difficult to tell who plays where for Manchester City because Ake frequently finds himself covering the left side of the pitch while City is defending. 

Ake is a confident defender who is consistently trustworthy in one-on-one situations and is comfortable and skilled with the ball. Although Ake isn’t the world’s fastest player, he can utilise his cunning to slip past opponents and his power to shield the ball on his safe side. 

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #7 Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid)

You wouldn’t want your worst enemy to be forced to go into Marcelo’s position. Ferland Mendy, however, has demonstrated he possesses all the necessary components to lead Real Madrid into a new age. He may lack the incredible samba magic of Real Madrid’s number 12, but he more than makes up for it with his defensive acumen and fierce tenacity. 

Mendy is really fast and has excellent game sense. There aren’t many better defenders on this list, thus he has to concentrate on his offensive skills, especially his crossing. 

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #8 Jordi Alba (Barcelona)

Alba was once the epitome of the European left-back, but his fame has gradually waned in recent years. However, that has more to do with Barcelona’s waning as a genuine European force than anything he has done individually. 

His seven assists in La Liga this season attest to the Spaniard’s continued combination of pace, poise, final product, and stunning footwork. Alba’s career is nearing an end at age 33, but because to his technical skill, he’ll still be able to compete for a few more seasons at the highest level. Alejandro Balde, 19, has made it to the first squad, but must now function as a backup option while continuing to be an integral part of Xavi’s Camp Nou revolution.

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #9 Nuno Mendes (PSG)

Portuguese left defender Nuno Mendes is just 20 years old, but he is already playing at a high level, and it appears that he will continue to improve. Mendes, who is highly acclaimed for his offensive prowess, frequently produces opportunities for PSG’s abundance of attacking talent. His fierce bursts of pace down the wings present chances for Messi, Mbappe, and Neymar, among others.

Mendes has a strong drive to develop as well. 

I still have a long way to go. I still have a long way to go in my evolution. I hope to place first in every contest I enter. In football, I want to make my mark. That is my aim.

Top 10 Best Left-Backs in the World #10 Ben Chilwell (Chelsea)

A perfect fit Ben Chilwell, who has been playing every week this season, would probably be higher on our list but, sadly, he has been limited in his game time due to a hamstring injury sustained in the midst of the season. Chilwell hasn’t profited by sharing the left side of the field with Marc Cucurella, but recent performances have proved that Graham Potter prefers Chilwell over Cucurella.

But his performance in just 15 inconsistent games—two goals, three assists—has demonstrated his value, with Chelsea always appearing to be a far more accomplished club when he’s on the field.

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