Top 10 Worst Baseball teams in History

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Usually, when people discuss sports, they are debating which team or player is the best that particular year, but what about the other end of the spectrum? Let’s discuss the worst of the worst rather than the finest of the best.

Since talks about the worst baseball clubs are so uncommon, we figured we’d have one here. How come these teams are so bad? What went wrong for them to go in the MLB’s cellar? Are these difficult times a necessary step in the process of getting better or a precursor of far worse things to come?

Our list of the Top 10 Worst Baseball teams won’t just be the teams with the worst records from last season—though that will undoubtedly be one of the deciding factors—but the teams we anticipate having the hardest time competing in the upcoming 2023 season. This is because the fortunes of MLB teams can change in the blink of an eye thanks to trades and free agent signings. Here are our rankings for the 10 worst MLB clubs for the 2023 season, without further ado.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #1 WASHINGTON NATIONALS

The Washington Nationals had a very terrible season last year, and we anticipate it to continue in 2023. Since winning the World Series in 2019, they haven’t had a winning season. Since then, their winning % has decreased with each passing season, reaching.340 in 2022, which is their poorest record since the franchise moved from Montreal to Washington 18 years ago. 

They are at the top of these questionable rankings in large part because they haven’t made any significant summer roster additions. They parted ways with slugger Josh Bell and just 2022 All-Star Juan Soto in August of the previous year, indicating that they were definitely in the midst of a rebuild. 

They definitely needed one considering that, in addition to having the poorest record in the MLB previous season, they also had the worst run differential (-252), the second-most runs allowed (855), and the fifth-fewest runs scored (603). Aside from the youthful infield duo of CJ Abrams and Luis Garcia and the potential transition of reliever Hunter Harvey into a more reliable closing position, there isn’t much to be excited about in this situation.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #2 Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates lost more than 100 games for the second consecutive season, which gave them the third-poorest record in the MLB. Additionally, they were the only major league team to score less than 600 runs and surrender more than 800, leading to the second-worst run differential in baseball (-226). The Pirates haven’t changed much this offseason, despite having such a terrible season.

The fact that outfielder Bryan Reynolds, one of their top players, requested the organisation for a trade-in December is, in fact, the greatest news from their offseason transactions to yet. It is unknown if that will occur, but given that the Pirates are in the midst of a major rebuild, it wouldn’t be unexpected to see the 2021 All-Star moved off sooner rather than later. The Pirates would gain additional high-calibre prospects as a result, which is precisely what they need at the moment.

Ke’Bryan Hayes, a third baseman who received a sizable contract in April but has struggled with injuries the past two seasons, is still up for debate. There is a very dim light at the end of the tunnel, but Pittsburgh has increased their winning percentage for three straight years in spite of all the bad press.

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Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #3 Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati Reds lost 100+ games in a season for the first time since 1982 last year, when their 62-100 record matched for the third-worst mark in MLB. In 2022, they struggled mightily to prevent opponents from scoring, finishing as one of just five clubs to do so while also posting the third-worst ERA in the majors (4.86).

Despite their difficulties, the Reds haven’t made any big adjustments to their pitching staff, so they’re relying on a few veterans to improve and a few prospects to develop into good players—both of which are far from certain. Not to mention that the Reds will play more games against the AL and its best clubs according to the new scheduling regulations than against what seems to be a poor NL Central. 

Numerous players on the squad from the previous season have left, including costly Mike Moustakas, who was released in January. That may be good or harmful, depending on your perspective. The roster that contributed to the worst season the team has had in the previous four decades has been substantially destroyed, which is a great development. 

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #4 Detroit Tigers

Many fans of the Detroit Tigers expected Scott Harris, their new general manager, to make some significant changes this offseason. He only sent away pitcher Gregory Soto, one of just two Tigers to qualify for the 2022 All-Star Game, in exchange for Nick Maton and Matt Vierling. As Maton and Vierling are flexible but far from sure things at the plate, the Tigers appeared to have sold low on Soto.

Given the team’s situation towards the end of the 2022 season, it’s hardly surprise that the transfer had a faint air of desperation. After their victory on the first day, they remained below.500 the entire year. They scored the fewest runs in the majors (557) and were shut out a staggering 22 times throughout the season. 

They were the worst six teams in hits, doubles, and stolen bases. They also hit less home runs (110) and earned fewer walks (380) than any other MLB team. That demonstrates that they are having difficulty hitting—not only in terms of power, but also generally. Other than Miguel Cabrera’s farewell, there isn’t much to look forward to here. It’s unlikely it will inspire the squad to perform better.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #5 Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics, who had the highest ranking 100-loss club on our list, had their first 100+ loss season since 1979 after making three postseason berths from 2018 to 2020. They only had one All-Star, which is the minimum requirement for every club, and it was pitcher Paul Blackburn, who had a 4.28 ERA with a 7-6 record for the season.

Early in December, they dealt catcher Sean Murphy, one of their greatest players, to the Braves in a three-way transaction, but the package they received in exchange was a touch underwhelming. In exchange, they obtained a few prospects, including pitchers Freddy Tarnok and Royber Salinas, experienced backstop Manny Pina, and the untested pitcher Kyle Muller. 

It’s a good trade for the A’s if those three prospects develop into solid daily players in the major league, but if not, giving up a guy like Murphy, who is probably approaching the peak of his career, looks awful.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams # 6 Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies have lost at least 87 games in nine of their past 11 full seasons, including 68-94 in 2022. This shows that despite making attempts to rebuild more than once over the preceding 10 years, they have been unable to put together a top-tier team. They have no reason to be hopeful about the future given that.

The Rockies were really in the top half of the league in terms of runs scored in 2022, but their pitching was so awful that it didn’t even matter. They had the greatest opponents’ batting average (.272), the most runs (873), and the most hits (1,516) of any baseball team throughout the whole season. Additionally, the Rockies’ pitching staff allowed the eighth- and ninth-most walks (539) and home runs (184) while striking out the second-fewest batters (1,187).

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #7 Kansas City Royals

There is a severe lack of quality on this team, particularly on the mound, as they completed the season with the fourth-worst ERA in the MLB (4.70).

With the third-fewest strikeouts (1,191) and the second-most walks (589), the statistics show a pitching staff with little to no control over their deliveries. They also weren’t particularly impressive at the plate, ranking 24th with 640 runs and 26th with 138 home runs. They require a lot of assistance, but this summer they haven’t sought it out.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #8 Miami Marlins

From this point on, the quality really starts to decline. The Miami Marlins managed just 586 runs during the season, which is fewer than all teams save the Tigers and the A’s, making them one of the worst-hitting teams in the country in 2022. You don’t want to eat at the plate with people like that. The Marlins, in contrast to the majority of the other teams on our list, have taken some initiative this summer to address their problems.

They acquired infielder/designated hitter Luis Arraez from the Twins in a trade in January. The Silver Slugger award Arraez received last year is proof that he was the AL’s top shortstop at the plate. The Marlins’ strikeout rate was fifth-highest in 2022, but adding Arraez, who hit.316 and had an absurdly low 7.1 strikeout rate, might help to alleviate that issue.

Arraez, who the Marlins sorely need after ending with the third-lowest slugging percentage (.363) previous season, does not bring much to the table in terms of hitting power and, unfortunately, fails on defence. In order to acquire Arraez, they also had to part with their No. 5 ranked prospect, Jose Salas, as well as Pablo Lopez, a solid starting pitcher. Infielder Jean Segura was also added in a December signing, but a lot more players will need to be added for this squad to be complete.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #9 Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ 74-88 record in 2022 was a significant turnaround after a 110-loss campaign in 2021 that saw them go 3-24 in the month of June and drop 17 straight games at one point. But it often takes a few seasons to return to postseason contention when your club is the poorest in the league, and we would anticipate that to be the case with Arizona as well. They battled to remain above 500 all year, just making it to the final three games. At the height of their season, 500.

The Diamondbacks had an excess of young, talented outfielders entering this summer, so they sent one of them, Daulton Varsho, to the Canadians in exchange for veteran outfielder Lourdes Gurriel and a capable young catcher in Gabriel Moreno. We refer to that as a wonderful piece of business. The Diamondbacks are set to endure another trying campaign, but things will soon turn around for them.

Top 10 Worst Baseball teams #10 Boston Red Sox

One of the most recognisable teams in North American sports, the Boston Red Sox, had a somewhat dismal campaign in 2018. With a record of 78-84, they came in last in the competitive AL East and battled mightily to keep the opposition off the basepaths while having a great offensive performance. They had the eighth-highest number of home runs (185), the sixth-highest number of walks (526), the sixth-worst ERA (4.53), and the fifth-most hits (1,411). 

Following the departure of top third baseman Xander Bogaerts to the Padres, Justin Turner and outstanding left fielder Masataka Yoshida were both major additions to Boston’s already-proven lineup. Turner, who turned 38 this year, still has plenty of life in his bat. They haven’t yet made any changes to their starting rotation, opting to add reliable relievers Kenley Jansen and Chris Martin instead.

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