Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History

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The umpires in Major League Baseball seem to have become worse over the past several years, at least. We’ve been doing mostly terrible work behind home plate for a while, which is why we’re quickly moving towards a world where machines are calling balls and strikes. The situation is not much better in the field, where a powerful replay system has to be put in place to handle the startlingly high amount of missed calls. There are simply too many poor umpires to count, even with Joe West’s retirement. We’ll nonetheless give it a go.

Here are our rankings of the top 10 worst baseball umpires

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #1: Angel Hernandez

There is no other response to this. Hernandez is the worst baseball umpire in terms of performance. Even MLB is aware of it. He is not just awful, but he is blatantly horrible and virtually always stirs up controversy. Hernandez constantly does terrible work behind the dish in addition to consistently making crucial errors in the field. The current altercation between Kyle Schwarber and the experienced umpire is simply the most recent in a long list of problems he has been associated with. Hernandez’s absence would improve the game, yet he still holds down a job.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #2: C.B. Bucknor

Three times, MLB players have ranked Bucknor the worst umpire in baseball, and it’s easy to see why. His vast striking zone is renowned for driving batters insane. Although many pitchers certainly enjoy that, as you might expect, Bucknor is also incredibly unreliable. If his missed calls weren’t annoying enough, batters are driven crazy by his excessive strikeout motion.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #3: Doug Eddings

Eddings is another seasoned umpire with a sizable and constantly changing strike zone. His home plate accuracy was really among the 15 poorest in all of baseball, worse than Hernandez’s from the previous year. Eddings frequently misses crucial decisions because he has no understanding where the strike zone truly is. He also doesn’t hesitate to dismiss anyone who just brings up how bad he is at his job.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #4: Brian O’Nora

This week, there was an O’Nora incident when he called strikes on three consecutive pitches that were far from the plate, sending Marcell Ozuna into a rage. O’Nora, who in 2021 was the second-worst home plate umpire in terms of accuracy, was used to that. In calls made behind the dish, he was correct on 91.8 percent of the time, which is abhorrent. Off the pitch, O’Nora was detained in an Ohio sex sting in December 2020 and ultimately pleaded guilty to a lesser offence. He therefore serves as an excellent ambassador for the MLB Umpires Union.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #5: Ron Kulpa

Kulpa is one of baseball’s worst behind-the-plate umpires, along with Eddings. With a dismal accuracy record of 92 per cent, he was the fourth poorest in calling balls and strikes in 2021. In his poorest game of 2021, he made only 84.8 per cent of the right ball/strike calls, missing a staggering 15.2 per cent of them. That is very awful.

In this past week’s O’Nora incident, Marcell Ozuna became enraged when the umpire called strikes on three pitches that were thrown far from the plate in a row. O’Nora, who in 2021 had the second-worst accuracy rate as a home plate umpire, was accustomed to that. He was right 91.8 percent of the time on calls made behind the dish, which is disgusting. O’Nora was arrested off the field in an Ohio sex investigation in December 2020, and she finally entered a guilty plea to a lesser charge. As a result, he does a great job representing the MLB Umpires Union.

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Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #6: Laz Diaz

Laz Diaz is yet another lousy plate umpire, and I honestly questioned whether to rate him higher. With a pitiful accuracy rating of 91.9, he was the third-worst MLB umpire at calling balls and strikes in 2021. Again, that is very poor. He made a staggering 17 calls behind the plate in a game between the Mets and Braves earlier this week. He and O’Nora being on the same team is comical in and of itself. Diaz made his debut in 1995, and he has just never improved. Even though he is abjectly awful, he was this season’s crew chief.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #7: Rob Drake

Simply said, Rob Drake is a lousy umpire. He also holds the distinction of having predicted the worst game I’ve ever witnessed. In a one-run game between the Giants and Padres back on September 27, 2020, Drake utterly snubbed 27 calls. It’s difficult to believe that any of those misses didn’t have an effect on the outcome of the match. He probably also made the worst call of the 2019 campaign.

Drake is ranked in the 18th percentile for accuracy and the 24th for consistency by Ump Scorecards. He was tied with Joe West for ninth-worst home plate umpire in 2021 with an accuracy rate of barely 92.2 percent. Drake has only missed less than 10 calls in one of his five appearances behind the plate this season (he missed nine on April 18), and that was on April 24 during a game between the Diamondbacks and Mets. He began the 2022 season in midseason shape.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #8: Greg Gibson

Since 1997, Greg Gibson has officiated some of the biggest MLB games. That doesn’t imply that he performs a good job. Gibson has played behind the plate for six games so far this season, and he has a 91.1 accuracy percentage with 12.8 missed calls on average per game. On April 11, there were 19 missed calls in total. Gibson hardly improved in 2021. His accuracy rating in calling balls and strikes in 30 games was a pitiful 92.1 percent, sixth poorest in MLB. He performs poorly in the field, frequently missing calls and losing his cool when someone challenges him.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #9: Ed Hickox

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to baseball’s most unreliable umpire. Hickox only had a 91.3 accuracy % in 18 games played behind home plate in 2021. He then recorded a rate of 92.3 throughout the course of four games this season. He is accurate in the 20th percentile and averages 11.5 missed calls a game. That’s awful. As a first base umpire, he also made one of the worst mistakes of the 2021 season by failing to recognise a clean swing on a check-swing appeal, and also had a decision reversed three times in one game the previous year. He is awful and is a major factor in the development of robot umpires.

Top 10 Worst Baseball Umpires in History #10: Hunter Wendelstedt

Wendelstedt is renowned for having poor plate discipline, but he is also a sharp shooter with the hook when he is called out. On the earth, very few people have thinner skin. Wendelstedt made 92.2 percent of the right calls, ranking him as the eighth worst home plate umpire in 2021. In a game between the Royals and Cardinals just last week, he missed 16 calls. His pattern has been thus for a while; it’s sort of his thing. Wendelstedt is the archetypal ump who pulls off his mask to confront anybody who challenges him. He is the epitome of everything that is wrong with umpiring.

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