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A Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB was purchased to replace the 120GB Kingston SSD. Now you need to transfer Windows 10 to another drive. As you know, NVMe provides higher operating speeds compared to SATA. The use of which will increase productivity.

This article will show you how to transfer & clone Windows 10 to another drive. Previously, it was customary to divide the disk into two parts : 125 GB allocated for the system, and the remaining 350 GB for applications. But using third-party software, all created disk partitions will be deleted.

Programs for transferring Windows 10 to SSD

In all programs, the process of cloning a disk is similar. You select the source and destination drives to copy. The Paragon Migrate OS to SSD program has proven itself well, owners of Samsung drives have access to Data Migration.

The program must specify the OS for migration and the target disk. If the disk contains partitions, then they will be deleted in the process. Everything is easier than you think. It allows you to copy the system partition, including operating systems, programs, and user data.

Samsung Data Migration

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It can be used to transfer the operating system and data from your existing storage device to a new Samsung SSD (required). It is enough to select the source and destination disks in the program and start. A single section will be created.

Acronis True Image 2021

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Allows you to clone a disk or create a copy of the system. Go to Tools> Disk Clone . In the Clone Wizard, set the Mode, Source, Target, and Migration Method. Back up any important data from the target drive in advance.

Macrium Reflect


Has only English interface, but a free trial period (30 days). In the Create a backup tab, select the system disk by clicking Clone this disk . You can only transfer the sections you need. Select Select a disk to clone to to specify the target drive.

AOMEI Backupper

transfer Windows 10 to another drive

Offers smart cloning of Windows 10. Choose Clone> System Clone and specify the drive where you want to copy the system. All data on the selected drive will be deleted. Check SSD Alignment (for aligning partitions) and click Start Clone .

AOMEI Partition Assistant

transfer Windows 10 to another drive

Available for free for private and commercial use. Select Transfer OS to SSD or HDD and select the unallocated space in the wizard. The system will be copied to it. The migration process will take place in a special boot mode.

MiniTool Partition Wizard 12

transfer Windows 10 to another drive

Has a free version that is intended for home use. You need to click  Wizard> Migrate OS to SSD . Choose B (move only partitions containing operating system files). Specify free SSD for Windows 10 cloning.


Using third-party software, you can transfer your Windows 10 system to another drive. Unfortunately, all previously created partitions will be deleted. After the transfer, you will have to re-divide the disc into two parts. It all depends on the size of your drive.

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