Did you know Aaron Rodgers isn't just being generous on the Pat McAfee Show? He's raking in millions for it.

According to the New York Post, Rodgers pulls in more than seven figures each year for his weekly appearances.

And it's not just Rodgers; Alabama's Nick Saban is also in the same high-paying league for McAfee's show.

The special sauce behind 'Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays' and 'Nick Saban Thursdays'? McAfee spends millions for these interviews.

McAfee's investment has paid off handsomely; Rodgers has reportedly earned over $1,000,000 for his appearances.

Pat McAfee's show has become a sports media powerhouse, and his exclusive access to Rodgers has played a significant role.

Rodgers and Saban's highly-anticipated appearances have become staples of the sports media world.

This revelation sheds light on the big bucks behind the scenes of the Pat McAfee Show while the Show's success story reveals the lucrative world of sports media partnerships.