In a heated divorce case, Kay’La Lillard demands sole custody of their kids, claiming she's been the primary caregiver since their birth.

Highlighting Damian's recent move to Wisconsin, Kay’La argues he's too busy with his Milwaukee Bucks commitment to handle sole custody.

While wanting a healthy father-child relationship, she hints at protecting Damian's public image as a family man amid their separation.

The separation date is set as October 2022, and Kay’La seeks court intervention if they can't agree on a parenting plan.

Addressing travel concerns due to relocations, she emphasizes the need for a custody plan for the children's well-being.

Kay’La requests Damian to cover attorney fees if their disputes escalate to a contested court appearance, revealing the existence of a prenup.

Their love story, originating from Weber State, has taken a tumultuous turn, with fans speculating about their relationship amid his NBA career.