In a heartwarming update, Henry Golding and Liv Lo announce the birth of their second child, Florence Likan Golding.

In an emotional message, Liv Lo shared her childbirth journey with their newborn daughter, born on September 9.

The couple reflects on the ups and downs of the childbirth experience, captured in a moving video set to Chelsea Cutler's "Your Bones."

Liv reveals her unexpected birth story, emphasizing her decision for a spontaneous vaginal delivery for a different experience.

Despite the challenges, Liv and Henry are grateful for the support of their medical team and energy workers.

A month after Florence's arrival, Liv shares her healing journey, highlighting the strength of their family and holistic specialists.

Henry and Liv, who tied the knot in 2016 are now became the parents of two, with their first child, Lyla, born in March 2021.

Henry Golding reflects on how fatherhood has brought new perspective and focus to his life, emphasizing what truly matters.