In the world of baseball, Trevor Bauer's link with agent Rachel Luba is the hottest topic of discussion among Sports world.

Bauer, known for his polarizing persona, faced a tumultuous s**ual assault case that took down his reputation.

Now, making a fresh start in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball, Bauer's career trajectory has taken an unexpected turn.

But what truly captivates fans is the enigma surrounding his professional partnership with Rachel Luba.

Luba, the game's youngest female agent, has been Bauer's unwavering support since 2019, even during his darkest hours.

Their close bond, apparent in shared photos, sparks curiosity: is it more than just business between them?

Rachel Luba, a former UCLA gymnast turned law student, made history by representing a Cy Young Award winner.

As Bauer restarts his career post-controversy, the question remains: Is Trevor Bauer secretly married to the remarkable Rachel Luba?