In a whirlwind week for Penn State media, coach James Franklin found himself in a heated exchange with reporters.

He was accused of targeting Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, but Franklin set the record straight

Franklin's frustration was palpable as he scolded those who twisted his words, urging them to read the transcripts and watch the interviews.

He said, "It's sad when non-media members with a social media presence spread inaccuracies."

Amid the uproar, Franklin emphasised that he was actually praising schools for their scheduling.

He clarified, "I know every fan base looks for reasons to be angry, but it's disappointing when real media takes a partial quote out of context."

This controversy highlights the challenges coaches face in the age of social media and selective reporting.

Despite the controversy, Penn State is set to face UMass this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on the Big Ten Network, with Franklin hoping the focus shifts back to football.