Amidst the whirlwind of rumors, Tom Brady's supposed split with Alex Guerrero caught everyone's attention.

Boston's very own Dale Arnold hinted at a seismic shift: "Is TB12 gearing up for a business overhaul?"

Questions darted around: Has Brady truly severed ties with Guerrero, his longtime associate?

Right on cue, Ben Volin, a dedicated Patriots reporter, stepped in, seeking to dispel the myths.

Straight from the horse's mouth, Guerrero told Volin: "Business ventures with Tom? Absolutely still on track!

But there's a catch! An eerie error on TB12's website locator raises eyebrows - what's happening behind the scenes?

Contrary to the speculations, Brady and Guerrero's recent outing at a Las Vegas Aces game suggests strong ties.

With Mark Davis in tow at the game, it wasn't just a casual evening. Was business on the agenda?

While TB12's future remains shrouded in mystery, one thing's clear: Brady and Guerrero's bond seems unbroken.

So, when you hear the next big rumor, remember: not all that's whispered in the wind holds water.

Keep your ears to the ground, because as this saga continues, more revelations are bound to emerge.