Hollywood's heartthrob Chris Evans has delivered some delightful news: he's officially off the market, having tied the knot recently.

The radiant Alba Baptista, known for her remarkable performance in "Mrs Harris Goes to Paris", is now proudly Mrs. Evans.

Their love story was celebrated with dual ceremonies, one on the picturesque East Coast and the other in scenic Portugal.

Chris, beaming with joy, shared, "The Portugal ceremony was special. Given my wife's roots, it was a nod to her heritage."

Their intimate Cape Cod event in September was graced by fellow actors, including the charismatic Robert Downey Jr.

With other Marvel luminaries like Hemsworth and Renner attending, it was a gathering of cinematic brilliance.

At the NYCC event, the glint of Chris' new gold wedding band was unmistakable, symbolizing his new life chapter.

Reflecting on the process, Chris mentioned, "Wedding preparations are intense, but the aftermath is pure bliss and relaxation."

Their budding romance, which was whispered about since last November, has beautifully blossomed into a marital bond.

From defending the world in MCU films to cherishing life's personal moments, Chris' journey is truly inspiring.

"Autumn is upon us, my absolute favourite," Chris remarked, hinting at the couple's plans to enjoy the season together.

As the leaves turn golden, Chris and Alba embark on a journey, filled with love, understanding, and countless shared moments.