In a bombshell revelation, Damian Lillard, the All-NBA guard, exposed the Portland Trailblazers' front office

Lillard's offseason trade request marked the end of an era after 11 loyal seasons with the Trailblazers.

His desire to avoid a rebuild and chase an elusive NBA championship led him to request a trade, with Miami as his top choice.

Lillard's frustration grew as the Milwaukee Bucks secured him in a trade with the Phoenix Suns, not his preferred Miami Heat.

Speaking to SiriusXM NBA Radio, Lillard expressed disappointment in how the front office handled his trade request.

Initially promised support to reach his desired destination in Miami, Lillard felt the sincerity wane.

Off the court, Miami's allure is undeniable, but on the hardwood, the Bucks offer Lillard a prime shot at an NBA championship.

With his impressive stats, including 32.2 points and 37.1% three-point shooting, Lillard's quest for that elusive title intensifies.