Check out the simplest WiFi file transfer apps for Android!

Well, Android is usually known for its massive app ecosystem. Just take a quick check out the Play Store you’ll find for each different purpose over there. Not only that, but the Play Store also sorts apps that support their categories. During this article, we are going to mention WiFi File Transfer apps.WiFi File transfer apps are useful, especially if you would like to quickly exchange files between devices. With these WiFi File transfer apps, you’ll exchange photos, videos, documents, apps, etc in-between devices. So, during this article, we are going to share an inventory of the best WiFi file transfer apps for Android in 2023.

Best WiFi File Transfer Apps For Android

It’s worth noting that we’ve ex-directory any banned apps like Xender. So, let’s inspect the simplest WiFi file transfer apps for Android in 2023.


Credit :- Airdroid Playstore

This file transfer app simply allows you to access and manage your Android smartphone from Windows. it’s an efficient file-sharing app you’ll wear your phone also because of the computer. This works more sort of a PC suite. However, it completely unfolds all of your mobiles in your computer browser.

2. WiFi File Transfer

This is one of the foremost downloaded apps in its category. WiFi File Transfer allows you to upload and download files to and from your phone/tablet and computer through an easy-to-use web interface. That interface also allows you to delete, copy, rename, zip, or unzip files quickly. you’ll upload entire folders if you employ the Google Chrome browser.

3. Zapya

Credit :-Zapya Playstore

Zapya 10 Best WiFi File Transfer Apps For Android in 2023

There are some contenders like Xender which was fighting for the third spot, but I ultimately visited Zapya, thanks to characteristics also due to the very fact that other apps have annoying ads.

4. SuperBeam

Credit :- SuperBeamPlaystore


Well, SuperBeam is another part of a file transfer app with a reliable user interface. It also has the quality features mentioned within the previous apps. one of its best features is that the methods it uses to pair your Android phone or tablet to your computer. SuperBeam allows you to pair devices via NFC or QR codes, so there’s no got to do tons of clicks and manual sharing of keys.

5. Easy Share

If you are searching for an app to easily transfer files between Android devices, then Easy Share might be the perfect pick for you. Just like all other WiFi file sharing apps, Easy Share also allows users to share all kinds of files whenever and wherever. The most notable thing about Easy Share is its ability to transfer files to the PC through the FPT server.

6. Files by Google

Credit :- Playstore Files by Google

It is a multi-purpose file sharing app that you would love to use on your Android smartphone. Talking about file sharing, you can use the app to share images, videos, and other large files via WiFi. Not just that, but all files that you send using Files by Google are encrypted over a direct WiFi network. Apart from that, it’s also a file manager in itself.

7. Zapya Go

Credit :- Playstore Zapya Go

It is the lightweight version of Zapya which has been listed on the article. The app is lightning fast and it requires very little space to install on your smartphone. Every other feature of Zapya Go remains the same as of the Zapya app. The app also offers users an offline chat feature that you can use to chat with your friends without an internet connection.

8. Mi Drop

Credit – Playstore MI Drop

Well, Mi Drop is one in every of the most effective alternatives to Shareit and Xender. The best thing about Mi Drop is that it’s lightweight and it supports almost all Android devices. You can use Mi Drop to share files without an internet connection. The WiFi file sharing speed is also high compared to others.

9. Send Anywhere

Credit – Send Anywhere Playstore

Well, this can be another best Android app that enables users to securely send Android files of any size. The great factor regarding Send anyplace is that it transfers files via wireless fidelity direct. So, it’s one of the best WiFi file sharing app which you should have on your Android device.

10. WiFi Shoot

Credit :- WiFi Shoot Playstore

It is the primary app within Google Play to use the WiFi Direct technology to wirelessly transmit photos, videos, and any file directly between two Android devices! The app works super fine on Samsung Galaxy and HTC devices.

11. Pushbullet

Credit :- Pushbullet Playstore

With Pushbullet you’ll do everything like sending text messages while typing together with your keypad. See your phone’s notification, exchange links, and in fact transferring files.

12. Portal

Credit :- Portal Playstore

Well, Portal makes transferring pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone simple. Just grab the app, scan the code above, then drop as many files as you would like on this site. We’ll get them on your phone, and we’ll roll in the hay fast!

13. XShare

Credit :- XShare Playstore

According to the Play Store listing, XShare is one of the most convenient file transfer tools which is almost 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Other features of XShare include QR Code fast matching, no file transfer limits, etc. So, XShare is another best WiFi file transfer app that you just can consider.

So above are the most effective Android File Transfer Apps. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.

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