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All users work with the clipboard, even if they do not know about it on Windows 10. Any copied text goes to the clipboard, and from there it is pasted to the right place. You can now track and optionally use the clipboard history.This article will tell you how to view the Windows 10 clipboard. It is finished, it can be cleaned both by means of the operating system and by third-party programs. In Windows 10, version 1809, the clipboard history was added to the updated system settings.

What is Windows 10 clipboard

The clipboard itself was created in order to simplify the use of the computer and save your time. Using the clipboard, you can copy and save not only text, but also other objects, for example, images.

To use the clipboard, you just need to copy text or any other object. You can use Windows 10 hotkeys for this.

Ctrl + V or Shift + Insertpaste text from clipboard
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insertcopy the selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl + Xcut selected text to clipboard
Ctrl + Aselect all text on the current line if the line contains text
Win + Vopen the clipboard history (available since version 1809)

Since the days of Windows XP, the clipboard application itself has been located along the path C: \ Windows \ system32 and is called clipbrd.exe . After switching to Windows 7 , active users could notice a change in the name, which became clip.exe .

The main difference between clipbrd.exe and  clip.exe is  that in Windows XP you could easily open the clipbrd.exe  application  and view the data in the clipboard. In newer versions of the Windows operating system, this feature has already disappeared.

How to open the Windows 10 clipboard

Since now Windows 10 users cannot use the built-in clipboard application, we will have to download a small utility. We offer two utilities for viewing the clipboard CLCL and Clipdiary. And also you can use the additional features of the office suite.

Windows 10, version 1809 and newer

Windows 10, version 1809 has the ability to use the built-in clipboard history. Now it is possible to save multiple items to the clipboard for later use. You just need to press the Win + V key combination to view the clipboard history and paste an item from it.

how to clear clipboard windows 10

And also it became possible not only to go to the clipboard and paste a previously copied element, but also to enable synchronization between devices. When enabled, Microsoft will receive clipboard data to sync with other devices.

CLCL – Clipboard Caching Utility

The advantage of this utility is the presence of the Russian language and a really simple interface.

  1. Download the CLCL utility from the link:
  2. Run CLCL.exe from the archive.
  3. Then we can just copy the text.

where is my clipboard

  1. Go to the Journal section and look at everything that was copied to the clipboard. And you can also use.

Clipdiary – View clipboard history

Here, the disadvantage of this utility is the need to activate the program and a trial period for 30 days. A plus is the presence of a more convenient interface and the possibility of free activation of the program.

  1. Download the program from the link: . I recommend the portable version of the program.
  2. We launch the program and select the interface language.
  3. Next, follow the Clipdiary Settings Wizard to set up and familiarize yourself  with the program.
  4. Now in the program window everything that goes into the clipboard will be saved. Here you can copy the required data.

how to access clipboard on windows 10

Microsoft Office Word

Although few people know, Microsoft Word has the ability to look at the clipboard and see what was in it until the last. To do this, you need:

clipboard history windows 10

  1. Click on the Clipboard button.
  2. And in the list below you can see everything that is in it.
  3. If necessary, you can insert everything or clear the buffer.

How to clear Windows 10 clipboard

To clear the clipboard in Windows 10, you can use just one command. Be careful as this command will completely clear the clipboard. And with the help of the previous programs, you can clear the clipboard in any order.

Run the command line as administrator . Now we insert and execute the command: echo off | clip . The entire clipboard is completely empty. If you need to remove individual data from the buffer, then use its log ( Win + V ).


How many years have users been waiting for a normal clipboard? It appeared, see your installed version of Windows 10. Requires October 2018 Update and newer. Now use the standard update journal and enjoy life.

Previously, users had to search for third-party programs. Although the utilities suggested above are very handy and with a portable version. They can be used without installation. We recommend that you update your Windows 10 to the latest version .

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