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Actually, the Insider Preview program allows you to test pre-build Windows 10 & 11. Previously, Microsoft gave me a digital license for beta testing. But for some reason now the pre-build program has an empty window.

This article will explain why the Windows 10 Insider program isn’t working. I don’t think Microsoft has thought about what to do with users who are not going to submit data. At least, instead of an empty window, there should be at least one hint.

How to enable the Windows 10 Insider Program

Go to Settings> Privacy> Diagnostics & Feedback . Select Complete & Optional Diagnostic Data : Send information about websites visited, application and feature usage, device health and usage …

Sometimes optional diagnostic data is not included. Run Regedit in the Win + R window. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ DataCollection. Values AllowTelemetry and  MaxTelemetryAllowed set at 3 (three).

You may have refused to send diagnostic data during the installation process. Recently I have not bothered and turned everything off right away. That is why it did not work and the window was empty.

How to become a Windows Insider

You can join the Window Insider Program to receive preview builds and provide feedback. This will help you improve your Windows system. Now, after changing the privacy, you can click the Get Started button.

Once you’ve selected your Microsoft account, enter your Program Member Settings. Actually, the Dev Channel is for tech-savvy users, the Beta Channel is for early adopters, or the Preview Channel is for fixes.

For example, the former allows you to access the latest builds of Windows 11 (very early in the development cycle). The second provides more reliable builds, updates are checked by Microsoft. See also some of the following Microsoft guidelines:

  • This program is intended only for those users who want to participate in the process. Precisely building and creating the best Windows of them all.
  • Join the program only to be the first to get acquainted with new ideas, principles and opportunities that we are working on with you.
  • The Windows Insider program now includes features and functionality to support IT professionals and business customers.

Your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements

It’s under Update & Security> Windows Insider Program . Don’t panic if your PC doesn’t meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11. Your device will be able to receive builds until Windows 11 goes public.

See what to do if  Windows 11 cannot start on this computer. The TPM 2.0 may just be disabled. Check with tpm.msc command in Win + R window. Although, most likely, in the official release, these restrictions will be slightly reduced.

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We can assume that you are interested in the new Windows 11. It’s a shame when I went into the pre-build program, and there is an empty window and nothing is loaded. And this can be corrected by switching literally one slider in the updated parameters of the operating system.

And immediately there was an opportunity to become a member of the Windows Insider Program. There is no more blank window, just a start button. All that remains is to enter your account information, select a channel and check for updates. Remember, Microsoft definitely needs you.

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