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Many users do not even suspect how Windows 10 hotkeys make it easier to work at a computer , and those who use Windows 10 hotkeys can do the work they need much faster. Check yourself, in this article we have selected for you a lot of convenient keyboard shortcuts for working in Windows 10 , perhaps some of them are already familiar to you, and some will be new. Don’t forget to bookmark the article and share it with your friends.

Microsoft has published an official Microsoft Word file containing a list of all the hotkeys in Windows 10 with a button … It can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. let’s checkout Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts


+ Ahotkeys to open Windows Action Center Dminimize all open windows on the desktop. Eopen an explorer window. Gbrings up the panel for recording game video (configurable in the Xbox app). Iopens the All Parameters window with a new system settings interface. Hcall the “Share” panel. S, + Q both combinations open the search bar. However, the second combination uses the Cortana assistant. For Windows 10 users in our country at the time of this writing, there is no difference in the action of the two combinations. Arrows on the keyboardallow you to stick the active window to the left or right of the screen, or to one of the corners. Tab, Alt + Tabthe first combination opens a task view with the ability to switch between desktops and applications. The second one works the same as the Alt + Tab hotkeys in previous versions of the OS, providing the ability to select one of the open windows. Ctrl + Dcreates a new virtual Windows desktop Ctrl + F4closes the current virtual desktop. Ctrl + left or right arrowswitching between desktops in turn. number 1-9launching an application pinned to the taskbar. The number corresponds to the serial number of the program being launched. Xopens a menu, which can also be invoked by right-clicking on the “Start” button. The menu contains items for quick access to various system elements, such as launching the command line as Administrator, Control Panel and others. Shift + Mrestore minimized windows. Homeminimize all windows, except for the active one (restore all windows when pressed again).
Ctrl + Nopen a new window. Llock the computer (go to the password entry window).
Alt + F4close the active window. Shift + left (or right) arrowmove the window to another monitor. Titerate over the icons on the taskbar. Press Enter to launch the application.
Ctrl + Shift + Escstart task manager. Ropen the Run dialog box .
Alt + Enterdisplay the properties of the selected item. spaceswitch input language and keyboard layout. PrtScrtake a screenshot and save it in your images folder. Alt + PrtScrtake a screenshot of the game. Alt + Grecord the last 30 seconds in the active window. Alt + Rstart or stop recording. Pswitch between display modes (if there is a second display). “+”enlarge the screen image. “-“reduce the screen image.
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insertinsert text at the cursor position;
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insertcopy the selected text to the clipboard;
Ctrl + Aselect all text on the current line if the line contains text. If the line is empty, all text on the command line will be selected;

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Choose for yourself a couple of hot keys that will be useful to you, this will simplify the robot at the computer and save your time. What hotkeys do you use in your work? Write in the comments.

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