Jessica Chastain and Jeremy Strong Dance in Hotel Room

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Jessica Chastain and Jeremy

So, Jessica Chastain and Jeremy Strong were having a blast this Saturday! Jessica, who’s won an Oscar and is 46, posted this super funny video on some social media platforms. It’s her and Jeremy who’s 44 and stars in Succession and another lady, all dancing to “Hung Up” by Madonna in a hotel room.

Jessica joked, “This is what you get when Jeremy and I stay up way past our bedtime. It’s 4 in the morning!”

Jessica Chastain and Jeremy

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In the video, they’re all wearing cool sunglasses and just having fun. Jessica, Jeremy, and their friend are standing on a bench at the end of a bed, dancing and enjoying the music. Jeremy was first hidden behind a curtain but then jumped out and started spinning around. And Jessica walked out from the bathroom to join him, looking all confident and stuff.
So, after they danced around each other a bit, Jeremy did this funny move where he turned on a lamp right on beat and then hid behind the curtain again.

Jessica, on the other hand, was really feeling the music, waving her hands in the air and moving all around the room as they kept dancing.

Before all this, Jessica and Jeremy were seen dancing to another Madonna song at a party after a fashion show by Gucci. This happened during Milan Fashion Week on Friday. Someone even posted a fan video of it!

Dance in the Hotel Room

They were dancing to “Like a Prayer” with Julia Garner and Paul Mescal. Jessica, who’s acted in George & Tammy, seemed to be reaching out to Jeremy’s head at one point. Then they got closer and gave each other a friendly kiss on the cheek. How sweet!

The next day, Jessica and Jeremy were seen together again, this time on the red carpet of some Sustainable Fashion Awards. Jessica was wearing a stylish white top with colourful jewels and black pants, while Jeremy chose a dark suit and a cool burnt orange bow tie to add some colour.

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So, Jessica and Jeremy have been buddies for quite some time and have even acted together in three movies: Zero Dark Thirty, Molly’s Game, and Armageddon Time.


In 2021, there was this article in The New Yorker about Jeremy that caused quite a stir. It was about how he gets really into his character, Kendall Roy, in the show Succession. People had a lot to say about his method of acting. But Jessica, who has won an Emmy, stood up for him online.

She posted: “I’ve been friends with Jeremy for 20 years and did two movies with him. He’s a really nice guy. Super passionate and inspired by his work. That article didn’t really show his good side.”

And she also said: “Don’t believe everything you read, people. Negative stuff gets attention, but maybe it’s time to focus on the positive.”

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