The top Social media platforms 2023 sites have been one of the most trending stuff that exists online. Consumers are turning into socially active enthusiasts. Who are available online to catch up on every single update. In 2023 an estimated 3.78 billion people were using the social media platform 

worldwide, the number of projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025  

Top brands around the globe have been successfully utilizing social networking platforms to grow their business for a long time. Brands are getting hits through social media influencers who are getting a huge increased number of supporting audiences day by day.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms 2023

B-TO-B Companies:

It means by Business-to-Business, they also use the social networking platform to understand their potential customers. This can help them target the right audience at the right time. The benefit is that social media platforms have different niches and purposes which supports targeting every group of audience.  So you need to understand the best B-TO-B social network individually in instruction to grow and expand your business. 

In this post now we are showing 5 biggest platforms for B-TO-B social networks to help you grow your business. So let’s start now…



Headquarters:   Menlo Park, California, United States,

CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

Founded: 4 February 2004

Active Monthly Users: 2.60 Billion

Facebook is one of the overused social media platforms. This site has billions of audiences. In 2020 an estimated number of 2.60 Billion monthly active users were recorded on Facebook. So there’s no such surprise that every B-to-C company is using Facebook to target their customers and grow their business online. 

To start promoting your business online, the first step that matters is to find your targeted audience.

Your online business goal must be brand awareness, website traffic, social engagement, lead generation, or online conversation when stepping into online promotion. Facebook business more likely will make a notable difference in reaching your goals when used properly.

Facebook has a worldwide audience and demographic, which makes it a platform to be on the top, almost anyone can find their target audience on this huge platform. 

You may be thinking, “how to target the right audience on facebook”,well you may know your targeted audience but targeting them online is different. Here comes the Facebook Advertising  in the role, it actually shows your great content to your relevant audience if you plan your ads correctly. 

What does Facebook Advertising mean?  

Facebook Advertising is a great platform which helps you to showcase and promote your content in front of targeted audiences and to reach out to your potential customers worldwide. 


Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, United States,

CEO: Kevin Systrom

Launched:  06 October 2010

 Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social networking platforms that is completely based on sharing photos and videos and memes.This media-sharing social networking app is somehow like Pinterest which lets you share your photos and creative ideas as well as helps you to expand your online business. Millions of active users are expanding their business online by sharing product images, website links and making money.

As of January 2020, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, according to the survey, 78% say that they see the brands on Instagram, 77% creative, 76% as entertaining, and 72% committed to building community.

Instagram is a highly visual platform, where users share videos on IGTV and images. In recent times, Instagram added the Reels feature of sharing short entertaining videos. It came in light after the ban of Tiktok in India and became very popular among the youngsters. According to Statista, 15.4% of users are aged between 18 and 24, and 17.2% are aged between 25 and 34.

 You must be thinking? How to increase followers on Instagram.

By using correct and suitable hashtags, you can increase interactions with your followers. The hashtag helps you get discovered easily.Using popular hashtags that are being mostly used and trending among users can increase your brand’s visibility and awareness. Several business owners use other brand’s hashtags to increase their followers and views.


Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States,

CEO: Ryan Roslansky

Founded: 28 December 2002

Best Social Media Platforms 2023

Linkedin is a social networking site designed especially for the business community. Linkedin is the most preferred site for professional, social and career networking. The site functions as an online directory of individual professionals and organizations, where professionals connect to each other via sending requests to grow their network.LinkedIn is globally very popular and used by millions of corporates as it is available in 24 different languages. It boasts over 706 million members.

According to the active users per month: 310 Million approximately.


Headquarters:   San Francisco, California, United States

CEO: Ben Silbermann

Founded: December 2009

Social Media Platforms 2023

Pinterest is the most widely used social platform for image submissions and creative designing ideas.It consists of a digital bulletin board where a user can save products, project ideas, and inspirational images. for businesses, it is a perfect place to share product images. You can also make content on your sites “pinnable” by including pin-it buttons that allow visitors to share your content with their boards. Pinterest launched in 2010 and has since amassed more than 416  Million worldwide monthly active users.


Headquarters:   San Francisco, California, United States

CEO: Steve Huffman

Founded: 23 June 2005

Social Media Platforms 2023 Reddit is a web-based social news feed platform, a mixture of discussion forums and link submission. This whole platform is divided into several forums or spaces, known as “subreddits” which vary on the basis of topics. Users submit their content by joining the forums. Which are created and handled by admins. Content submitted by users, first et scanned by moderators and Reddit bots. Reddit has a feature of upvote and downvote for content, through which Reddit determines the important content and discussions in forums to display them at the top of all feeds. Any content is submitted, first gets approved then published by the moderators of forums. Reddit is also known as the “birthplace of memes”, the craziest stuff in the world.READ ALSO :- How To Remove All Viruses From PC


Is YouTube considered as a social media?

Yes, YouTube is a considered as an social media Website or plateform. It’s a video sharing website/platform that allows you to upload, share, and view videos. you can also interact with each other through comments, likes, and subscribe channel, which are all found on social media platforms.

How many Facebook users in 2023 ?

Facebook has reported that they have over 2.963 billion (January 2023). However, it’s worth noting that this number can fluctuate over time And Daily Active User 2.000 billion (January 2023).


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